2020 the year of FUN

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Here it is, the start of a new year and a new decade!

These last few months (years) have seen some really significant changes for me personally, emotionally and for my health.

If you follow me on social media, you'll have seen that I closed down my online store and all other selling platforms, posted a lot less and pretty much stopped making - anything.

There is a reason for this and the reason is that I haven't been well. I've had to take quite a big chunk of time out to get anywhere near well again and I'm still not 100% there yet; to be honest, there's probably quite a long road ahead of me.

But one thing about being ill is its forced me to slow down, and that has enabled me to realise I was doing too much and achieving very little. Working full time in a busy office, managing staff, being a Mum to 2 under 5, a wife, looking after all aspects of the home and trying to run a small creative business with no time to create, research or develop left me with a total burn out and feeling of utter failure on all counts. I was always busy, too busy, and never present but equally I didn't seem to be getting anything done.

My health has forced me to take time out and reflect which has begun to give me a fresh perspective and I've started (very slowly) to establish the priorities, and mechanisms that I need in place to enable me to achieve, and fully embrace life again.

The biggest thing I've learnt in recent months is to have fun. Fun learning, creating, solving problems, playing with the kids, walking, eating, watching films, cuddling on the sofa and to appreciate it all, as much as possible. Life has a funny way of turning things topsy turvy sometimes and the bad can push out all the good, but my mission this year, and for all years going forward is not to let the bad win. Make those lists and tick everything off on them, listen to music too loudly, buy overly bright accessories, roll around on the floor with the kids, go out for meals, exercise, make and create things for FUN, not just for business.
Life can be painfully short so I intend to try and make the most of mine, enjoy what I have and change what isn't 'bringing me joy'.

So as well as serious get well stuff, some of the projects I'll be getting started with in the new year are:

☆ Read 2 books each month (I already have approx 4 months supply next to my bed).

☆ Sew a dress (I haven't made a dress for 16 years!)

☆ Knit Clara a cardigan (I've only ever knitted scarves and blankets before)

☆ Send 2 friends an impromptu gift

Due to my health I can't yet be specific about when my shop will be back open, but hopefully we won't be too far into 2020, I have lots of exciting projects to share so thanks so much for sticking with me, waiting around for the new stuff and for reading my first ever blog! 😊

Now what about you? What will you be doing to get the fun back?

Fi xxx

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  • You are an inspirational, smart, brave and talented lady. I look forward to seeing how your projects unfold and I’ve pretty much got the same goals as you in 2020! I’m determined to make a dress and knit and jumper and read more 😁 we’ll have to compare notes! Good luck my dear and hope you feel much better soon xx

    Lucie Green on

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