Back to life, back to reality...

Happy New Year! I hope its started well for you and if you're back at work, kids back at school or you're just starting the new year your own way that you feel well rested, positive and ready for whatever 2020 brings.

For my part, I've re-opened my website with a new limited range of party items and prints and I'm currently working on more newness...

So, what am I up to? Over the next few weeks, I will continue to build upon the range of gifting options, introducing sticker packs and a wider variety of toppers etc. I'll also be introducing vinyl labels for books, jars, shelves, wherever really! BUT the product that I am most excited to create, curate and show you is my craft kit range.

Since starting my business back in June 2018, the overwhelming realisation that has hit me is that I like making LOADS of stuff! I love sewing, painting, knitting, illustrating, papercutting, general crafting - all sorts! I've thought and thought and drawn up plans, thrown them out, revisited them and I have eventually decided that for me, craft kits are absolutely the right way forward. I love the idea that through my kits you'll be able to relax, learn a new craft (or revisit one), make something useful, practical or just pretty to look at and that I will enjoy creating the kits for you. Win win!

The current plan is to have a range of 'mini' kits that will take on average 15 - 30 minutes and also a range of heftier projects that will take a few hours.

A big question is..would a subscription be welcome? I cant decide so if you've got a view, let me know in the comments below if you think it's worth exploring or not 🥰 or if you'd rather just chat to me privately please feel free to drop me a DM on insta or email. 

Over the next few weeks I'll be sharing more as I develop the first kits; there is A LOT still to finalise, but I'm starting with my favourite topic packaging! I'll be sure to keep you updated via this blog, and if you follow me on insta keep an eye out on stories for sneek peeks 😊

To acknowledge my last blog, things are slowly beginning to feel better, slowly. I am still working hard on lots of different factors but I am sticking to my goals. I'm halfway through the two books I'd promised myself this month, I'm feeling more positive and I'm taking the time to see and appreciate the world around me. 

My Mum used to say that whatever the weather, whatever the day, look for the good in it, because it's always there. I think she may have been onto something...

Big love xxx


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